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Workers' Compensation

We practice in all areas of employment injury law representing self-insured employers, registered employers and insurance entities. We assist our clients manage employment injury claims from the initial reporting stage to the final resolution.

Our firm conducts thorough investigations to assess the legitimacy of claims, ensuring that employers are not unjustly burdened by fraudulent or exaggerated demands. We work closely with insurance entities, medical professionals, and other stakeholders to gather evidence, evaluate claims, and negotiate fair settlements.

By identifying potential risks and advising on preventive measures, we assist our clients in reducing overall employment injury compensation costs. In cases where disputes arise or claims are denied, we have extensive experience representing employers in administrative hearings and appeals. Our solicitors are skilled in presenting compelling arguments, examining witnesses, and navigating the intricacies of the legal process.

We aim to achieve favourable outcomes for our clients, whether through negotiation, alternative dispute resolution, or courtroom litigation.

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Employment Law

We represent employers in all aspects of employment law, advising on contractual issues and obligations, termination matters and discrimination law.

We work together with our clients to implement proactive risk management strategies to minimise workplace injuries and related liabilities. Our Team provides guidance on safety protocols, employee training, record-keeping, and compliance with employment laws.

We assist and make recommendations with any investigations necessary regarding liability and work closely with Human Resource teams to implement appropriate protocols for day-to-day business operations.

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We provide specialised training sessions on all aspects of employment injury law including the Return- to-Work Act provisions, section 18 issues, ‘Additional Compensation’ matters and recovery actions.

We also tailor workshops to meet business needs of your organisation and assist with upskilling and strategic projects. Our training packages are customised to suit our clients by initially undertaking an extensive background search into our intended audience and evaluation of business operations, identifying risk areas, and providing options to suit the needs of our clients.

We offer face to face, one on one as well as group sessions and can offer in house and online training. We aim to equip your staff with the skills and knowledge to improve your organisation performance.

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